Content Writing

Delivering powerful content writing for websites

Like many words in the English language “content” has several distinct meanings. Here are just two of them: “subject matter” and “quietly satisfied”. In terms of writing for your website, both apply. Firstly, to make sure we are saying the right things and are creating the most effective messages. Secondly, by working to gain the satisfaction of any reader that they are learning what they want to know and in a way with which they are comfortable.

What we need to know from you

To achieve this, of course we will work with you to gather the information, gain a thorough working knowledge of your business or organisation, its products and services, marketplace, competitors and customers. Unlike many, we will also learn what not to say – and how not to present the information we will use!

How we’ll deliver content from your information

Crucially, we’ll also use our experience of how people behave when visiting a website like yours. This will ensure we present your information in the best-possible way. We know that people read more slowly onscreen, are impatient if what they see is unnecessarily technical or complex, and are likely to scan or skim though to discover the areas they want to dissect in detail.

We will be clear and concise, grab their attention quickly, move them through to where they (and you) want them to be. We’ll make sure they understand what to do, and make it easy for them to do so. Our content for your website will also ensure that all effective SEO processes are used.

As well as key pages and product or service descriptions, we can also create and update your web blog, provide branded articles for other blogs or information-providing websites with relevance for your customers.

To discover how the content we will write for your website can produce the results you require for your business, or to ask any questions, please call us at 02392 706689 or email to now.