eCommerce Website Design

How an eCommerce website can be a great boost to sales

eCommerce is the fastest growing retail sector in Europe, offering retail businesses the perfect opportunity for expansion. The online market has grown in recent years at rates of over 20% and five year forecasts predict continued rapid growth rates. This is partly fuelled by the increased use of mobile technology for shopping.

The cost of eCommerce website design can easily be outweighed by the huge potential increase in sales figures. Many case studies have shown websites paying for themselves within a few months or even weeks. In addition, the cost per sale is significantly lower than an in-store sale because of lower overheads.

Online retail enables a business to reach a much wider geographic market than physical stores allow. This is particularly relevant for the small to medium business, operating from a small group of stores or a single outlet. A web store allows businesses in any location to tap into the national and global marketplace. Furthermore, online trading is open all hours, enabling customers to make purchases at any time. For companies with a larger group of physical locations, a click and collect option, where the customer orders online but collects the items in-store, can result in additional in-store sales at the point of customer collection.

eCommerce provides a virtuous circle of purchase and marketing with online capture and tracking of customer purchases, preferences and contact details, which, with permission, can be used for future marketing purposes. Even a loyalty reward scheme cannot secure so much customer data in a traditional store environment.

In today’s world, few businesses can afford to ignore the benefits of establishing an eCommerce store to complement and enhance both the brand and profits of existing bricks and mortar locations.