Graphic & Logo Design

Delivering graphic and logo design solutions

Take a moment to think about Coke and WD40. Both have probably produced instant pictures in your mind of their container. If that didn’t immediately happen, then it probably will have by now! Powerful graphic design, both in the creation of a company logo, and in a unique website style, can help your business gain instant recognition from the people you wish to attract. When they see these logos and graphical images, they should learn to match them to the positive feelings of respect, trust and enthusiasm you wish them to associate with your business and its products or services.

Much as we would like this to happen, every time someone visits your website or recognises your logo, they won’t always immediately take the action you want (it’s not quite a brainwashing process). However, it does give you that key opportunity to deliver your positive, powerful, image into their sub-conscious for future reference.

What we can achieve for you

Simple is often better, and clever design builds powerful memory, which leads to automatic response. Our highly professional and thoroughly experienced graphic design team will work with you to discover what they need to know to find your specific image and style. This can then be used to deliver that message with both your logo and web design. We won’t be too clever, never quirky for the sake of it – and, unlike some, we never design to win awards rather than response!

What we need you to do now

To allow us to picture how it really could be for your business or organisation, please call us at 02392 706689 or to and we’ll contact you.