Search Engine Optimisation

Delivering search engine optimisation results

Using effective techniques to optimise the number of people who visit your website from a search engine such as Google, Yahoo or Bing is simple good sense. However, some people do forget that this is only ultimately successful if there are individuals out there who are actively searching for the products or services you are providing!

Our starting point

We aim to work with you to discover who you should be aiming to reach, why they are interested, and what the keys are that will attract them. Only after gathering this information can our professional SEO team really go to work.

How we will deliver for you

Here are some of the key factors about the way we work. We will…

• look at both your direct competitors and other companies in a similar line of business and work out how best to differentiate you from them, and make you more appealing than their SEO makes them appear

• identify a range of key words or phrases which will work best in attracting the audience you’re trying to reach

• write copy for humans to read rather than a search engine to locate. The latter will happen anyway, but if what is then presented confuses or bores potential visitors to your website, they’ll probably just go somewhere else

• ensure that the keyword density throughout your written content is at the right level to maximise the response to be gained

• create a simple search-engine friendly sitemap, then add powerful meta descriptions for each page, and effective links between them, right throughout your website

• use your key words or phrases in the file names for any images used

Your starting point

These, and a whole range of other professional actions, will help us to ensure high page ranking search engine optimisation for your business website. To start the process, or ask any questions, please call 02392 706689 or email now.