T shirt advertising, good, bad and ugly

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Despite the rise of online marketing in the UK, T-shirt advertising is still one of the more effective forms of real-world advertising for any business; representing a bold and interesting way of selling any company. However, T-shirts should catch the eye without being annoying or over the top. If you are thinking of using T-shirt advertising to promote your business, keep in mind:

The good

Make sure that the T-shirt design is attractive and wearable. Just a huge logo on a T-shirt can feel a little bit forced and may make the wearer uncomfortable, but an interesting T-shirt design, which boldly advertises the brand and makes the wearer look good, is guaranteed to promote your company.

The bad

Make sure that your T-shirt design is not too visible. Having one person walking around a venue in your T-shirt will advertise your company. Having 20 people doing the same will just annoy people and feel like overkill.

The ugly

Make sure your T-shirts are well made and attractive. Not only will this make the wearer more comfortable but, if your T-shirt is the only piece of advertising someone is going to see about your company all day, you won’t want it to be badly made, as this reflects poorly on the company as a whole.

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