TV and online marketing go hand-in-hand

TV Online Marketing and seoResearch has shown that using TV and online marketing in tandem is the best approach for any advertising campaign, generating an impressive 47% more brand positivity than relying on just one method alone.

Perhaps even more impressively, consumers were 50% more likely to buy a product if both TV and online were used together. It happens all the time; imagine seeing a particularly interesting advert for a product on TV, then either looking it up online, or simply stumbling across the sponsored ad on Facebook, causing you to click on that link and find out more.

The research was conducted by Thinkbox and the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) and their results perhaps unsurprisingly revealed many benefits to using TV and online together, including a staggering increase in “positive brand perception”.

Advertisers can benefit from utilising internet marketing with solid SEO in Hampshire campaigns alongside TV advertising by better understanding how both are used. The top two reasons for people to go online are research/finding information (75%), and communication (66%). As for TV, the top two motivators for switching on the telly were entertainment (80%) and relaxation (73%). However, a further 56% are also now using the internet for entertainment and relaxation, with the rise of services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime video, and broadcaster services such as iPlayer and 4oD.

The study found the most effective TV and online campaigns display a high level of synergy, and have a consistent message/theme. Marketing campaigns should play to each type of media’s strength (online: interaction and personalised engagement, TV: excitement and impact). They also need to have a high level of ‘visual synergy’ and use online methods to further target those who have seen the TV campaigns.