Understanding communication in a post-pigeon world

communication in a post-pigeon worldWith the centenary of the outbreak of World War 1 featuring prominently in the media, it’s worth noting that it was only a few years prior to this that the Admiralty had discontinued its use of pigeons for communication. Large numbers of birds were still being kept in France, Russia and Germany as war broke out.

Move on a century, and many adults of a certain age are heard to complain that “kids don’t communicate with each other any more”. Actually – they do, and more than ever before, but simply in different ways. Just watch the levels of thumb-dexterity as you stroll through any town centre!

A revolution in business communications

These are two extremes which quickly highlight the huge changes in the methods, and the speeds, of communication. In the century between these two points, we’ve had telephone, radio, telegraph, television, and now the internet and mobile technology as stopping points on an accelerating journey.

Businesses who would place the occasional informational press ad or offer cordial written invitations to their customers, need to find a whole new way of operating. Social gatherings have changed from coffee mornings (or gossiping over the fence) to Twitter communities. Your business is much more likely to be Googled than sought out in a printed directory. Catalogues are as often online as picked-up in-store.

Taking your place in the modern communicative world

It’s vital to make sure that your business is in step with this rapidly changing environment. Bill Gates once said that the internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow. Town criers and sandwich board carriers used to inform their communities. Now it’s about SEO Hampshire and web design, social media marketing and Instagram or Facebook. Here at Fired Up Marketing, we are a marketing company in Waterlooville and that’s exactly how we’d like to help.